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Ammonite 6ЖВ (powdered) GOST 21984-76

Ammonite 6ЖВ (powdered) is an industrial explosive of medium power. It is intended for open and underground work, with the exception of mines and mines that are dangerous for gas. Designed for blasting medium-strength rocks in dry and watered faces.

Basic physico-chemical and explosive characteristics: 



Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, %, max.


Water resistance on a hydrodynamic device, cm, min:


in the manufacture


at the end of the GC


Mass fraction of components, %:


ammonium nitrate

79 ± 1.5


21.0 ± 1.5

Technical requirements: 

Ammonite 6ЖВ reliably detonates when initiated by its detonator capsule No. 8. To ensure the reliability and efficiency of blasting, do not allow air gaps and rock overflows when charging boreholes and wells.


During transportation: transportation by all modes of transport is allowed in accordance with the rules of transportation of dangerous goods applicable to a particular type of transport.

According to the degree of danger during transportation and storage, ammonite 6ЖВ according to GOST 19433-88 belong to class1, subclass 1.1, compatibility group D. The UN serial number is 0082. The number of the emergency card containing safety measures in case of emergency situations on railway transport is 114. By road transport - 1. The code of emergency measures applicable to transportation by road is 24E.


Powdered ammonite 6ЖВ is packed using an internal paper bag enclosed in a polypropylene bag 5H2.

Warranty period of storage: 

The warranty period of storage is 12 months from the date of manufacture.


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