446100, Russia, Samara region, Chapaevsk, Kuibyshev str., 1  

Executive Directorate

Dmitrii Vladimirovich Shikharbeev
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

+7 846 3921155

Sushchenko Sergej Vasil'evich
First Deputy Chief Executive Officer (First Deputy CEO)

Sergej Lorikovich Manasyan
Chief Security Officer (CSO)
+7 846 3924822
Tatiana Vyacheslavovna Leshchenko
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
+7 846 3924422

Aleksandr Vasilyevich Gnes
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

+7 846 3922509

Denis A. Zavalishin
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

+7 846 3922386
Anton A. Denisov
Chief Production Officer (CPO)
+7 846 3925296

Urij V. Buncev
Chief of Production Control, Labor Protection and Personnel

+7 846 3995163
Sergej A. Utkin
Chief of Production Development (CPD)
+7 846 3921155

Anastasia Vladimirovna Slavkina
Chief Accounting Officer (CAO)

+7 846 3920732

Dmitry Yurievich Alpatov
 Deputy Commercial Director - Chief of Procurement Department

+7 846 3921766


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