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Quality Management System

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Quality policy

This quality policy is the basis of the general policy of PROMSINTEZ, JSC and declares the defining principles of the company's activities. The quality policy is aimed at maintaining and developing the production system in order to achieve maximum satisfaction of customer requests, expectations and requirements in the completeness and quality of products and services, in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 and GOST RV 0015-002.
The "Quality policy" is implemented through the application of principles that set the priority directions of the company's activities in the field of maintaining and improving the "Quality Management System" (QMS) and the implementation of the objectives of the QMS:

  • Systematic analysis of current and future requirements, expectations of consumers and their satisfaction with products and services.
  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers based on trust and partnership, using partner solutions in their activities that guarantee high quality of products.
  • Expansion of the sales market of manufactured products, through the development of a new range of mass-produced products.
  • Ensuring stable product quality by preventing nonconformities, and not by identifying deviations.
  • The introduction of a complex of modern equipment, its modernization, the main feature of which is a high degree of automation and accuracy of operations, minimal involvement of human resources.
  • Stabilization and consistent reduction of emissions, discharges of pollutants and waste, through the introduction of new advanced technologies and equipment, increasing the level of automation of process control and reliability of technological equipment, ensuring its safe and trouble-free operation, directly affecting the dynamics of the enterprise.
  • Reduction of risks in the field of occupational safety and health protection by taking preventive measures to prevent injuries and deterioration of health in the course of work.
  • Creating conditions for attracting new highly qualified specialists, with the most effective use of their potential, maintaining and developing the necessary level of competence of personnel (regular training, retraining, advanced training, certification).
  • Leadership, commitment, and responsibility of the top management and managers of each department in the implementation of QMS activities.

This "Quality Policy" applies to all employees of PROMSINTEZ, JSC and serves as the basis for setting quality goals in structural divisions.
The top management of PROMSINTEZ, JSC assumes responsibility for the implementation of this "Quality Policy" and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.


Quality goals and objectives for 2023

  1. To train managers and specialists in the number of 150 people on industrial safety.
  2. To train workers (boiler room operator, slinger, metal smelter, welder, etc.) in the number of 240 people at the target purpose courses.
  3. To train 3 specialists from among the management staff of the Company in the Emergency Management Center of the Samara region and 9 specialists in civil defense in Chapaevsk from among the working staff of PROMSINTEZ, JSC.
  4. To organize a quarterly demonstration of educational films for managers and specialists on the prevention of emergency situations and ways to eliminate them in the event of a natural and man-made emergency (4 educational films).
  5. To increase the average salary of the company's employees by 10%.
  6. To start production and sales in the domestic market of the following products:
  • Emulsion composition AS-25P with a diameter of 150 mm; 
  • Ammonite No. 6ЖВ in cartridges with a diameter of 60 and 90 mm;
  • Seismic charges weighing 300g, 400g, 500g.

7. To enter the new foreign market of India for the shipment of TNT.
8. To automate the process of packaging ammonal and ammonite 6ЖВ in plastic bags.




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