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Foundry production

Promsintez, JSC has the ability to manufacture:

Spare parts of chemical equipment from the following cast iron grades:

  • СЧ 15, СЧ 20, СЧ 24;
  • corrosion-resistant - grades ЧС 15, ЧС 13;
  • chrome grade ЧХ 28;
  • heat-resistant brands ЧХ 1, ЧХ 2.

Details of pyrolysis furnaces:

  • brackets;
  • suspensions.

Details of acid concentration and denitration columns.

Details of the bubbling type sulfuric acid concentrator:

  • bubbling tube;
  • bubbling ring;
  • bends and transitions of various sizes.

Details of the waste gas purification electrofilter type of computer TR-1-4-3,2 SK:

  • pipe d250;
  • plates;
  • beams.

Details of the submersible refrigerator - cooling of concentrated sulfuric acid:

  • pipe d100 2000 mm long;
  • upper and lower rolls.

Parts of c/f and submersible pumps:

  • impellers;
  • snails;
  • enclosures;
  • o-rings;
  • axle boxes.

It is possible to manufacture castings according to customer drawings weighing up to 1.5 tons.

Manufacture of metal equipment

Promsintez, JSC has extensive experience in the manufacture of any complex non-standard metal equipment according to the drawings and sketches of the customer: metal trestles, metal beams between floors, metal trusses, columns, armoured frames, welded beams, stair structures, metal barriers with protective railings for pedestrians, steel gates, grilles, eccentrics, rotors, shells, rings, etc., manufacture of carbon, structural, alloy steel grades.

Promsintez, JSC manufactures capacitive equipment of various complexity: vessels, tanks, vats, steel and stainless steel, steam generators, filter vats, etc., including carbon steel and aluminum, with mixing devices, with cooling or heating jackets, thermal insulation, vertical or horizontal design, cylindrical or rectangular shape, with internal partitions and hatches, it manufactures coils by winding with a diameter of 800 mm to 2000 mm from a pipe with a diameter of 57 mm, tubular heat exchange equipment, fixing pipes to the grid by rolling, welding.

Promsintez, JSC provides procurement services - cutting, chopping, bending of rolled metal. Metalworking services, turning milling, grinding, boring, gear cutting, planing. Manufacture and supply of spare parts, parts and assemblies for a wide range of equipment. Manufactures shafts, bearing housings, straight-toothed gears and sprockets according to drawings, sketches or samples of the customer.

Refilling of cylinders

The wide range of services of the Promsintez, JSC enterprise includes: filling the customer's cylinders with compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, revision and repair of cylinders.

Promsintez, JSC manufactures, sells and fills the customer's cylinders with nitrogen - high purity gas of grade 1 99.5% according to GOST 9293-74.
Nitrogen gas is used:

  • to create an inert atmosphere during the production, storage and transportation of easily oxidized products;
  • for preservation of closed metal vessels and pipelines;
  • for inflating tires;
  • for other purposes.

Here you can buy and fill Oxygen cylinders with 99.7% purity, which has a low content of impurities.

Technical gaseous oxygen in cylinders is used for flame treatment of metals and for other technical purposes.

At Promsintez, JSC, you can purchase and fill Acetylene cylinders with a purity of at least 98%.

Acetylene in the cylinders is used as a combustible gas during the flame treatment of metals, which allows to obtain the highest flame burning temperature.Gorenje

Enterprises that use compressed air in their activities, namely: paintball clubs, crimpers, bowling clubs, auto technical centers and many others can buy a balloon with air from us.

Please call 2-38-22.

Metrological services

  1. Repair and verification of control and measuring devices.
  2. Installation of heat meters.

Please call 2-46-97.

Pre-trip medical examination

Promsintez, JSC offers services for conducting pre-trip medical examinations. All permits are available (see Disclosure of information).

Work schedule:

Mon. – Thu. 7-00 - 11-00
Fri.         16-00 - 20-00

The price of a pre–trip medical examination is 48.6 rubles.


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