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Granulotol GOST 25857-83

Granulotol is designed for blasting operations with manual and mechanized charging of wells of any degree of waterlogging, including with running water in the temperature range from -50 to +50 °C.
Depending on the physico-chemical parameters and the purpose of granulotol, the following brands have been established:
A - for the manufacture of grammonites and water-containing explosives during blasting operations in all climatic regions of the Russian Federation and for export;
B - for the manufacture of water-containing explosives during blasting operations in all climatic regions of the Russian Federation, CIS countries, except in the Far North and hard-to-reach areas.

Basic physico-chemical and explosive characteristics: 



Brand A

Brand B


granules with a size of 3 - 4 mm of light yellow color

Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, %, max.



Mass fraction of substances insoluble in organic solvent, %, no more



Bulk density, g/cm3

0.9 - 1.0

Granule density, g/cm3

1.48 - 1.54

Technical requirements: 

The initiation of granulotol is carried out with the help of T-400G type detonator checkers or other types approved by Gosgortekhnadzor.


During transportation: transportation of all types of transport, except civil aviation, is allowed in accordance with the rules of transportation of dangerous goods in force on this type of transport (GOST 19433-88). According to the degree of danger during storage and transportation, granulotol belongs to Class 1, division 1.1, compatibility group D. The UN serial number is 0209. The number of the emergency card for transportation by rail is 111, by road - 1.


When transporting on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries, except for transportation to the Far North and hard-to-reach areas, granulotol is packed:

- in a five- or six-layer paper bag of the PM or BMP brand, enclosed in a bag made of synthetic fabric;
- in double (nested one into the other) five-six-layer paper bags of the PM or BMP brand.

When transported without transshipment - in a polypropylene bag according to TS 2297-001-51441875-00 with an inner polyethylene bag liner according to TS 2297-002-16914920-00.

When transporting to the Far North and to hard-to-reach areas, granulotol is packed in a five-six-layer paper bag of the PM or BMP brand, enclosed in a fiberboard box.

The nominal net weight of granulotol should be:
no more than 40 kg - packed in a bag; no more than 45 kg - packed in a fiberboard box.

Warranty period of storage: 

2 years from the date of manufacture.


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