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Nitric acid bleached TS 84-7510103.8-89

Bleached nitric acid, obtained by diluting concentrated nitric acid with subsequent removal of nitrogen oxides from the solution, is intended for the production of mercury rattlesnake and etching hardware. Available in two brands depending on the application:

  • Grade A - for the production of mercury rattlesnake;
  • Grade B - for technical purposes.
Basic physico-chemical and explosive characteristics: 


The norm for stamps

Grade A

Grade B


A colorless transparent liquid that does not contain sediment. A yellow shade is allowed.

Mass fraction of nitric acid monohydrate (HNO 3), %

62 – 68

62 – 68

Mass fraction of nitrogen oxides in terms of N2O4, % max.

0 – 0.05

0 – 0.2


Packed in barrels or tanks. Barrels must be made of steel grade 12X18HIOT GOST 5632 and closed with stoppers made according to documentation approved in accordance with the established procedure. The capacity of the barrels is 200 liters.

Tanks must be made of stainless steel with a capacity of 50 tons

The degree of filling of railway tanks and barrels should not exceed 95% of the capacity.

Tank filling hatches and barrel necks must be sealed with gaskets made of a material resistant to 65% nitric acid

Warranty period of storage: 

The warranty period of storage of nitric acid bleached from April 15 to October 15 is 1 month, the rest of the year - 3 months from the date of manufacture.


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